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Preparing Knees, Elbows and Ankles for a Spray Tan

Self tanning is the healthiest way to a warm, summer glow and make you look like you’ve spent a month at St.Tropez. That is, if you have taken the time to properly prepare three self tanning trouble spots: knees, elbows, and ankles. Failure to prepare these areas properly can lead to streaky and patchy results […]

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If You Can’t Tone It, Tan It!

Let’s face it – with work, these short winter days and all our other responsibilities it can be quite difficult to find a spare hour in the day for a trip to the gym. If you want the results of a tough workout on days you just can’t deal with the hassle of going to […]

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Winter Gradual Tanning

Just because it’s winter does not mean you have to give up that beautiful bronze glow you worked so hard over the summer to achieve. There is no better way to beat the cold weather blues than by working on a natural looking, radiant winter tan! That sun kissed look we all love can be […]

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How to Get Your Own Red Carpet Look

You don’t have to wait for an invitation to the Oscars to get red carpet ready! Follow these celeb-worthy tips to look like a star for your next reunion, wedding or just a Friday night out on the town. Brighten up your smile Make your teeth look dazzling in all the fab photos you snap […]

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The Pros and Cons of the Bob Haircut

The woman’s “bob” haircut has been around for decades. While there are variations of the bob, such as the curly bob, long bob and blunt bob, this classic hairstyle always seems to be in vogue. If you feel a short haircut that frames your jaw line is flattering for your face shape, there are several […]

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Pregnancy and Tanning

With the increased awareness of the damaging rays of the sun, many women are turning to sunless tanners. If you’re pregnant, you may wonder about the safety of using self tanners and the health of your unborn baby. It’s best to avoid the sun while pregnant. Even if you use a sunscreen, you can still […]

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Protect Your Skin This Winter

When the weather gets cold and the days get short, it can be hard to maintain that dewy summer glow. It is possible, however, to make it through the long winter months with moisturised, young looking skin. With a few products and some healthy lifestyle choices, your skin can look great every month of the […]

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Should You Go Darker Or Lighter This Winter?

Getting a winter tan is a simple process, but you must get a tan that is appropriate for the fashion season. People who tan regularly are not getting the same tan every year, and you must choose between a dark or light tan this year. This article explains how you can go dark or light […]

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Behind the Scenes with Dimitra, our Skin Finishing Team Competition Winner

Dimitra from A Touch of Glitz and Glam shares her experience after winning a spot on the St.Tropez Skin Finishing Team for MBFWA 2015. Read on to find out more… My journey ‘in’ St.Tropez… My obsession began several years ago after an angel delivered me a sweet little parcel containing a bottle of St.Tropez tanning liquid. […]

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